Investing in Democrats

When Democrats Turn Out PAC was founded by strategists to invest in progressive infrastructure across the country- that starts with developing talented staffers and elevating campaigns key to holding our Congressional majorities.

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What it takes

Cultivating talented campaign teams

Campaign staffers with access to the best training and resources are key to winning elections. We’re stepping up to support them.

Elevating candidates in key races who reflect their community

We’re recruiting and endorsing candidates who are committed to advocating for policies that will transform their communities.

Building a powerful network of grassroots supporters

Our movement is growing by the day with THOUSANDS of engaged Democrats who are ready to support our efforts.

As the GOP builds their strategy to take back power, we need you to join our grassroots movement today.

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Our endorsed candidates

With razor-thin House and Senate majorities, we’re backing Democrats who are competing in key races and committed to fighting for working people. Take a look at our list of endorsed candidates.

Sol Sandoval - CO-03

Lauren Boebert’s dangerous lies and rhetoric have caused enough damage to our democracy. It’s time to vote her out in 2022 -- and we’re all in for Sol Sandoval as the best candidate to replace her.

Support Sol!

Jasmine Beach-Ferrara - NC-11

With his dangerous lies and policy-indifferent staffers, Madison Cawthorn couldn’t care less about his constituents in North Carolina’s 11th district. Jasmine Beach-Ferrara -- the woman who will send him packing.

Support Jasmine!

Melanie Stansbury - NM-01

Congresswoman Stansbury's win was a great sign for Democrats. Now, she has to turn right around and run to keep her seat.

Support Congresswoman Stansbury!

Shawn Lassiter - TX-06

While Shawn did not make it out of the primary, we're proud of the progressive race she ran.

Learn about Shawn

We’re demonstrating the power of grassroots fundraising

We’ve launched campaigns supporting the most vulnerable Democrats and targeting some of the very worst Republicans in Congress. Every dollar we raise will help us elect our candidates and hold the GOP accountable.

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