Our Endorsed Candidates

Who we endorse

We only endorse the kind of people we can be proud to have in office. Our candidates are the perfect fit for their district – they’re determined, passionate, and dedicated public servants with exceptional teams working alongside them who are eager for our support. Every one of our endorsed candidates are on a path to victory, even the underdogs.



Meet our 2022 endorsed candidates:

Sol Sandoval - CO-03

Lauren Boebert’s dangerous lies and rhetoric have caused enough damage to our democracy. It’s time to vote her out in 2022 -- and we’re all in for Sol Sandoval as the best candidate to replace her.

Support Sol!

Jasmine Beach-Ferrara - NC-11

With his dangerous lies and policy-indifferent staffers, Madison Cawthorn couldn’t care less about his constituents in North Carolina’s 11th district. Jasmine Beach-Ferrara -- the woman who will send him packing.

Support Jasmine!

Melanie Stansbury - NM-01

Congresswoman Stansbury's win was a great sign for Democrats. Now, she has to turn right around and run to keep her seat.

Support Congresswoman Stansbury!

Shawn Lassiter - TX-06

While Shawn did not make it out of the primary, we're proud of the progressive race she ran.

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