A Quick Guide to Launching a Campaign

If you’re gearing up to help an incredible candidate launch their campaign for public office, thank you. 

You might be a seasoned expert or you might be a bit more green. Regardless, we want to make sure you and your team are successful. If you haven’t already reached out to Kim, we recommend you send her an email to connect.

Kim has put together a list of what needs to be done before Day 1 to have a powerful campaign:

  • Pick treasurer 
  • Open bank account
  • Hire compliance consultant 
  • Draft all FEC forms
  • File all FEC forms
  • Tax ID number
  • Campaign address/PO Box
  • Campaign phone number
    • Use a Google voice number 
  • Campaign info email address
  • Campaign press email address
  • NGP 8 set up 
  • Actblue set up 
  • Personal finance disclosure 
  • Obtain liability insurance, workers comp, and health care
  • All policies for the campaign are in place
    • Sexual harassment
    • Social media 
    • Anti-racism work
  • Set up payroll company
  • Candidate rolodex 
  • First 100 fundraising calls list
  • You have standing conversations with your team re: COVID and team updates 
  • Does your written and digital material create space for those with visual impairments?


As always, if you’re stuck or need an extra hand, Kim would love to help.

-WDTO Team