Read Me First!

Hi there!

Thanks so much for the work you’re doing to elect more Democrats. At When Democrats Turn Out, we’re focused on doing everything we can to support top-tier candidates, help campaign staffers across the country, and turn out the voters we need to expand our majorities in Congress and move our country forward.

If you’re a campaign staffer, we have put together a series of resources to guide you through some of the obstacles you might face — and we hope these resources prove helpful to you and your team. But don’t be shy about reaching out for help or guidance — that’s what Kim, our Director of Candidate Services, is here for and loves to do!

Here’s what WDTO and Kim can help you with:

  • Any troubleshooting questions. Kim won’t always be able to help, but it never hurts to ask. 
  • Issues with NGP
    • OR if you have a suggestion on how to fix this problem for all campaigns, NGP is receptive to new ideas and we should tell them what we think 
  • Mentorships with folks who have a similar lived experience as you. We love connecting folks with one another!
  • Finance plans
  • Staff trainings or retreats
  • Freaking out over a money lull? Let’s brainstorm!
  • Team not feeling cohesive? Come chat.
  • Having a bad day? Kim loves listening and being your hype woman.
  • Need to see pictures of Kim’s cat and/or dog? She’s got you.

Things Kim cannot be helpful with: 

  • Honestly, we don’t know about this. Kim is great and would move a mountain to help you.


Again, thank you for doing the work to make our government a better place. We hope to hear from you soon!


-Kim and the WDTO Team