Your Rights as Staffers

If you’re reading this today, that means you likely joined the world of Democratic politics because you believe in pushing our country forward and making it a better place for all. And because of that, you maybe spend so much time focusing on winning elections that you tend to forget that you are also allowed to expect something from the campaigns and ideals you’re working towards. We’re guilty of it too sometimes. 

Many people are paving the way towards more inclusive campaigns, but we could all do better — both in how we hold our own space and create space for those around us. At When Democrats Turn Out, we hope that at every level, all of us on campaigns will be able to reflect on this evolving list and check in with ourselves to make sure we’re doing all that we can for our teams. 


SO! You as a staffer: 


  • Have the rights to a clearly defined role, your terms of employment in writing, campaign policies and expectations in writing, and the right to health care. (If you just asked yourself “who isn’t giving staff health care,” the answer is more campaigns than you think!) You or the principals on your campaign can use our Memorandum of Understanding as a template. 
  • Have the right to space and time away from work
    • Yes, there will come a time when anyone working in politics will say goodbye to friends and family from the end of August to Election Day, but that should not be the entire experience.
  • Have the right to grow and to be mentored through the campaign in a meaningful way 
    • If Democrats don’t teach our staff, how will they be ready for their next roles? 
  •  Have the right to a living wage 
    • Campaign staff sacrifice time with family and friends. You move around the country at the drop of a hat. Paying people competitive wages shouldn’t be something principals need to be convinced of. 
  • Have the right to leave a campaign 
  • Have the right to hold those not upholding Democratic values or practices in campaigns accountable 
  • Have the right unionize


If you have any questions about any of the rights listed above, feel free to reach out to Kim for the support you might need to advocate for yourself and the people on your team.


-WDTO Team